Here, you can win your entry into the Cardiff Open! Feel free to ask your parents for help, but try and avoid using google! Just take the quiz and write down your score. Every answer you score right, you will score 1 point and this will count towards your tournament score!

Good luck!


#1. What is the capital of New Zealand?

The correct answer is Wellington

#2. What name is given to the original inhabitants of New Zealand?

#3. What is the nickname of the New Zealand national team

#4. New Zealanders are often referred to by which nickname which shares its name with a bird found only in that country?

#5. The highest mountain in New Zealand is named after which famous explorer who visited the islands in the 18th century?

#6. New Zealand has a great variety of scenery which has led to it being the location for many movies. Which one of these series of films was made in New Zealand?

Lord of the rings is the correct answer!

#7. How long has Mike been playing tennis for?

Mike has been playing for 20 years now!

#8. What is Mike's favourite shot?


Mike’s favourite shot is the forehand, although he does love all shots!


#9. How many volcanoes does New Zealand have?*

#10. What small town is this famous landmark in?


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