Home challenge tour

Fun home events travelling around the globe

Challenge yourself and improve your tennis skills and knowledge!

The tour is for children aged 5 years and upwards. Each week you will travel to different places around the globe to test out your skills in our fun tournaments.

These challenges are not only great fun, they will develop your skills and help to make you better tennis players.ย You will be battling it out against other people from your sessions.

First you will need to complete the qualifying round which is our fun quiz.

First round skills are designed to be practiced throughout the week so you can keep improving your scores, by Wednesday of each week you will face the Semi Final Challenges and then finally the Final on Saturday when you will face your toughest opponent yet, Head Coach Mike Herd!

Complete your player bio to get started!

If you want to compete in more tours, check out our archive of previous tours. you can also take on other kids around the world by entering theย Evolution Challenge Tour who inspired us to create our own version of their amazing tours.

This week’s event is in Auckland which is in New Zealand!


Are you ready? This is the qualifying quiz! Here you can win your entry into our next event! Feel free to ask your parents for help, but try and avoid using google! Just take the quiz and write down your score. Click the quiz button to get started.

Now you are ready for the first round where we have 3 challenges. Record your score, improve your personal best and share with us on WhatsApp and social media

Semi Final time means more skills to master. Show us your skills! ย Donโ€™t forget to record your scores and share on Whatsapp and social media!

Well done you have made the Final, however you will taking on the coach, Mike Herd. To lift the trophy you will need to beat his score

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